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Trying To find the Hellfrost Music You Coud Download From the Tripple Ace Site

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    I’m trying to find the two Steve Priest Hellfrost background music pieces you could download from the Tripple Ace website.

    I did find the names of the 2 tracks of music and the exact file names of the music if that helps. the old links to them don’t work.

    Titles and exact file names are as follows:

    Hellfrost – The Mounds of Heroes Gone


    Hellfrost – Dark Tidings



    Do you know where on the original website they could be downloaded? That might help track them down.


    They were in:

    If you look on the page below in the [Hellfrost] Free Background Music post on the page you can find a copy of the exact links to the 2 tracks which no longer work.

    The older forums also had a post giving links to them and I found some copies of the same announcement of the tracks on a few forums.

    Waybckmachine doesn’t have them at all.


    The only thing I can think of is that TAG no longer have permission to host those files. I certainly don’t have them in my own Hellfrost archive I’m afraid.


    It’s unfortunate. But there are other great sources, I’ll name a few of them in case anyone would like to stock up their own music pool:

    – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST (the obvious choice but be prepared for comments like “don’t fear Dovahkiin is here to rescue us” though)
    – Music Mods for Skyrim are great, examples are: (my favorite)
    – The Vikings TV-Series OST is okay but not great for the game table.
    Adrian von Ziegler @ youtube has some very great tracks.
    Erdenstern makes awesome music CDs for Roleplaying. Into the Green and Into the Red work great for Hellfrost.
    Tabletopaudio has some great tracks as well as Sound Pads which include ambient music and other stuff like clashing blades, etc.
    – Searching youtube for “celtic music” or “medieval tavern music”, etc. can lead to good results as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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