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    Brass Jester

    A new player has joined us on a Tuesday, Joe (again; he, Ben, Matt and Harry all know each other from school). He was interested in role-playing; SW was the obvious choice. I am currently watching the complete ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ that I bought my wife for Christmas (ahh, nostalgia!) and as ‘Raiders’ was on the TV the other week; I suggested 1930’s pulp action (combines the best of melee fights with guns and Weird Science with archetypical baddies, plus some supernatural weirdness if necessary).

    We dusted off the pulp characters that played in The Unarphan Idol and gave one to Joe to play. I sketched out an adventure outline on the Monday night; I gave Joe a brief run-through of the rules and an overview of the setting; then the adventure started with a bang!

    Alex Scarr – Joe. American, ex-gangster for the Purple Gang
    Yozmodius – Matt. Spanish/American, brother of Jack Ohio. Adventurer and ‘obtainer of rare antiquities’. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.
    Jack Ohio – Ben. Spanish/American, brother of Yozmodius. Ace pilot and wheelman. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.
    Dr Freeze – Harry. American, reformed evil scientist; inventor of gadgets and gizmos. Carries a Lightning Bolt gun and an Invisibility Belt.

    Brass Jester

    Issue 1 Part 1
    Flight into Danger

    193x; early evening, somewhere over the Pacific
    Scene: On board a DC3 Dakota. The PC’s are all in the cabin of the aircraft, along with four other passengers. Suddenly there is an explosion; the port engine erupts in flames and the plane starts to go down.

    Yoz made for the rear of the plane, searching for parachutes. He found four chutes amongst the luggage. Jack went to the cockpit to try and help control the plane. He found the pilots still in their seats; both missing their heads. Something had scythed in through the port window and out of the starboard window. “Propeller blade,” he thought; dragging the pilot’s body out of the seat and taking the controls. Ahead, on the horizon; he could see an island. The controls were shot and the fire was not going out; the plane was back in level flight but still going down. “Could use some help here”, he yelled back into the cabin.

    Meanwhile, Dr F was arguing with one of the passengers; a middle-aged man dressed in black with a shock of white hair. ”This is God’s will, young man; you must put your trust with Him. Only He can save us now.” Alex was distracted by another passenger; a young blonde woman who calmly lit a cigarette and remarked “They said travel to the South Seas and see adventure; Guess it started early.” She spoke with a lazy Texan drawl.

    Yoz put on one of the parachutes and grabbed another. He went forward to the main cabin; the red-headed female passenger blocked his way. “Cherie”; she spoke in English with a French accent. “You have thought of me. Non? Sacre bleu; I would be very grateful in many ways.” Yoz relented and handed over the parachute; then went back for the next one.

    Alex made his way to the cockpit and removed the co-pilot’s body; then took the controls; the controls were failing (Jack: “on these ships, the hydraulics run off the port engine. Stupid design really.”) The island grew closer; it became apparent there was nowhere to land. “Hold tight back there,” yelled Jack. “I’m going to put her down in the lagoon and try and run up to the beach.” He tried to bring it in low and slow but the plane pancaked; bounced and crashed up on the beach. The engines and wings caught fire and the fire spread rapidly.

    Jack had strapped in so was able to get out and exit from the cockpit window. Alex didn’t strap in and went face-first into the instrument panel. Jack reached in and pulled him out. Yoz and Dr F opened the cargo door and pulled out the two women; the French red-head and the blonde. The preacher and the woman with him were dead. They all ran up the beach as the aircraft exploded in flames.

    Watching the fire, they took stock of what they had been able to rescue. They had some personal gear; their weapons (apart from Freeze’s Tommy gun; but he did have his Invisibility belt and Electricity Bolt gun), a flashlight, a first aid kit, a basic tool kit, three parachutes and a tarpaulin. They made a fire by lighting some branches off the burning plane

    Around the fire they made some introductions. The blonde was called Sarah; she was American and was a singer. The red-head, who had taken a liking to Yoz, was called Helene and came from Paris. Eventually, a flashback scene revealed that the PC’s had been flying to Bora Gora on the request of the Port Douglas Natural History Museum, to bring back a rare monkey statue. Sarah was concerned that her luggage hadn’t survived the crash and fire and wanted to go and look once the fire had died. They shared some anecdotes about events that occurred when looking for the Unarphan Idol, then made hammocks out of the parachutes and slept.*

    The following day dawned bright and hot. The wreckage was still smouldering on the water’s edge; Dr F and Jack went to examine the port engine whilst Yoz and Alex went off to look for food. They found no live game, but did return with some fruit that Dr F pronounced fit to eat. Examining the engine; Jack found three neat holes punched through the intake manifold; they looked like bullet holes. Dr F vaguely remembered hearing something like gunfire during the flight; but he was half asleep and thought he was dreaming.

    At this point, Jack heard the sound of an aero engine; a single-engine. Dr F and Yoz got the girls back under cover of the trees whilst Jack and Alex looked for the aircraft. It came into view, flying low (about 300’); a biplane with no markings. They tried to identify the type and stood too long in the open; the plane banked in a tight circle and dived on them; firing off a hail of bullets from twin machine guns. Alex took a glancing blow and went down; Jack grabbed hold of him and pulled him up the beach towards the trees. As the plane came in for another attack; Dr F ran forward and fired off a lightning bolt from his gun. The results were spectacular; the bolt hit the plane dead on; which exploded and crashed into the lagoon!**

    “From now on, you shall be called Zeus!” yelled Yoz. Sarah took a great interest in the lightning gun; “Hey, honey, what exactly is that? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    Jack looked thoughtful and looked to see if there was any wreckage of the fighter. “That was a short-range plane; there must be an airfield somewhere. It could be that was the plane that shot us down. But why?”

    Zeus (yes, he really did mean it) and Yoz went off exploring the surrounding jungle; the two girls insisted on going with them. Alex and Jack stayed and built up the camp some more. Returning from the jungle with some wood for the fire, they were startled to see a boat cruising outside the lagoon. A man stood with a megaphone, another man piloted the boat and the third man was aiming a belt-fed machine gun. ***


    Meanwhile, off in the jungle, the others were steadily climbing a slope. There came a rustling in the surrounding brush and a squad of soldiers surrounded then, armed with rifles. Zeus had enough warning to hit the control on his Invisibility Belt and faded from view.

    “Put up your hands. You are all under arrest.”

    “On what charge?” asked Yoz.

    “This is a private island and you are trespassing.”

    Stay Tuned for the next issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories – The Metal Tower

    GM’s Notes
    This was one of the most fun-packed Games we have played; everyone had a great time and can’t wait until next week.

    Quote of the Game:
    Harry – to Sarah. “I am Dr Freeze. But you can call me Dr Feelgood”

    * Alex Scarr was there on the Unarphan Idol Adventure. However, he was played by someone else; so the stories involved telling Joe what he actually did
    ** This was amazing. The bolt hit with a Raise, did two Wounds and both criticals rolled ‘12’. Plane went ‘Kaboom!’
    *** Raymond Chandler – have a man with a gun arrive. In this case; I used the classic scene from ‘Dr No.’


    Sounds great fun. I love my pulp gaming action so I’m really looking forward to your follow-up posts on this 🙂

    Brass Jester

    Issue 2

    The Metal Tower

    Yozmodius, Alex, Zeus, Jack, Helene and Sarah have crash-landed on an unknown island somewhere in the South Pacific.

    Yoz glanced around and noted the absence of Zeus. He handed over both his 1911’s.

    “Can I retain my top hat? A gentleman is never fully dressed without his hat.” The soldiers glanced at each other; then the leader barked “March!” “How far are we going?” asked Yoz. “No questions. You walk.”

    “Another adventure”, sighed Sarah. “Say, where did Doctor Freeze go?”

    After a few hours of trekking through the jungle; following a faintly discernible path; they topped a low rise. Yoz let out a low whistle; Sarah said “Now, will you look at that.” They were looking east, out over the ocean. The ground sloped away from them, down to a large metal fence enclosing a set of buildings. They could make out a gravel airstrip and a hangar building, several stone and wood buildings grouped around a guard tower; a wooden jetty with an attached boathouse and a large windowless building made of concrete. A smaller building next to this had several exhaust stacks and from inside came the heavy throb of diesel engines. The most striking thing was about 400 yards offshore was an artificial island with a tall metal lattice tower on it. Atop of the tower was a large metal ball. As they watched, the pitch of the diesels increased.

    “Move. Walk down slope to fence” said the soldier next to Yoz. Yoz took the time to study the man. He was obviously Asian, but Yoz could not place his nationality. He didn’t ask, somehow he doubted the man would tell him.

    Reaching the fence they saw there was a gate; guarded by another soldier. Looking up, the guard tower had a searchlight, two Tannoy speakers and a machine gun. There were two guards on duty.


    The voice over the Tannoy was harsh and guttural. The soldiers took Yoz and the girls to a large building; a barracks. Yoz was intrigued to see a screen and film projector, plus a stack of Western films starring famous stars like Buzz Barton, Bill Cody and Hopalong Cassidy.


    “What test?” said Yoz and Sarah simultaneously. “No questions”, was the reply. “Doctor speak to you later”. The door opened and Jack and Alex were ushered in at gunpoint.

    On the beach, the machine gunner on the boat had got the drop on Alex and Jack. Jack held up his gun and made a show of ejecting the magazine; a burst of bullets around him from the machine gunner convinced him to drop the gun. “After all,” he thought, “I can always come back and get it. If they take it and drop it in the lagoon then it’s gone for good.” On the boat, the gunner moved to cover them as they sat in the stern; whilst the boat heeled round and headed north-east.

    Approaching the Village from the north, they saw the Metal Tower first, and then the boat nosed into the jetty and ran down into the boathouse. Out on the jetty, some soldiers were preparing a motor boat; there were three passengers in the boat.


    Jack and Alex were taken to the barracks where Yoz, Sarah and Helene were. From outside the roar of the diesels rose to a deafening pitch.

    “Where’s Zeus?” “I don’t know; he’s out in the jungle somewhere.” “Well, I hope he’s got a plan to rescue us.”


    Zeus was hiding up on the ridge; observing what was going on and waiting for nightfall. He saw his friends being taken to the guards barracks and, lifting his eyes out to sea, the motor boat and three passengers heading out to sea. Suddenly, the world exploded! A massive purple-blue electric bolt erupted from the Metal Tower and struck the boat; there was a huge explosion as the boat disintegrated.

    Sometime later, they were escorted by a group of guards to the concrete blockhouse and placed in a room with a table and a few chairs. The walls were concrete and there were no windows.

    “That’s obviously a new weapon of some kind. It’s like a bigger version of Zeus’ lightning gun. I wonder if he saw it; I bet he’ll be interested.”

    Zeus got to his feet; his eyes had purple retinal afterimages and his ears were ringing from the tremendous clap of thunder that had followed the discharge. He checked his Belt; it was not quite recharged. He made his way down the ridge, aiming for the south side of the village by the airstrip. He noted that the centre guard tower had a commanding view of the whole camp. It was dusk when he reached the fence.

    Inside the room, Yoz calmly sat down and produced his tea-making equipment from inside his top hat and brewed a cup of tea.*

    “You are American and drink ze tea? You not drink coffee after your Boston Tea Party?”

    “No,” replied Yoz. “I was the one fishing the tea back out of the opposite side of the harbour.”

    Alex was all for waiting in ambush when the door opened; this was still being discussed when the door opened. Two guards entered, followed by a balding middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses, wearing a business suit. He spoke with an American accent.

    “I am Dr Allenbrook. Do any of you smoke?” He lit a cigarette and leaned back in the chair. “This is rather unfortunate, you turning up like this. Tell me, were you shipwrecked or did you arrive by boat? This is a secret project being run by the US Government and you shouldn’t be here.”

    Sarah spoke up excitedly. “What are you doing here? What’s the tower for and what was the clap of thunder we heard?”

    Dr Allenbrook looked thoughtful. “We are working on a way to detect ships and aircraft by using sound waves. We make it sound like thunder so that any potential enemies cannot determine what we are doing or that they have been detected.”

    Yoz and Jack spoke up together. “We were on an aircraft that developed engine trouble of the bullet-related kind and we crashed on the beach. You’ve got an airstrip; if you could lend us a plane then we’ll fly out of here and be out of your way.”

    “Regrettably, I must say no. Our supply plane is not due yet and we do not have any other aircraft. I think you will have to stay here for some time as guests until I can arrange for a boat to take you to the mainland.”

    He stubbed out his cigarette and rose. “I have other things to do now. Sergeant Fujimo and his men will look after you.”

    Into the room came the biggest man they had ever seen. He was Japanese; he wore a soldier’s uniform; a gun belt with a Colt six-shooter, a Sheriffs star and a large ten-gallon hat. His hands were the size of dinner plates and his moon face had a big beaming grin. “Yee-Haw Americans. I am big fan of your dynasty. I Sergeant Fujimo; I also Sheriff Tex. You like Western films? I have all your culture films and watch it all; Tom Mix, Bill Cody, Hopalong Cassidy. One day I meet them all and have shootout like in Western. I win and become new Big Bronco.”

    They were led across the Village and locked into a bare basement with a few inches of water covering the floor.

    Zeus waited until nightfall; then crept closer to the fence. A tell-tale humming alerted him to the fact that the upper strands of wire were electrified; although the whole fence was not. The airstrip was gravel; opposite was a hangar. He could make out two aircraft; a biplane similar to the one that had attacked them on the beach, and a twin-engine silver monoplane with a distinctive twin tail. Next to the hangar was a fuel dump; drums of fuel covered by a tarpaulin. Zeus moved round to the northern section of the fence; aimed and fired a full power Lightning bolt into the fuel dump. The results were spectacular; the dump erupted into a mass of flame. Panic ensued in the Village; several troops tried to fight the fire; some went on patrol; most panicked. Zeus found, as he had rightly surmised that the fence did not extend down the cliff. It was easy to grip the edge of the fence and swing round into the Village. He activated his Invisibility Belt and made his way to the barracks; inside found some uniform items that fitted. He also found Yoz’s guns and a rifle.

    Yoz produced lock picks from his hat and set to work on the basement door lock. A scream came from the lower cellar

    Helene – “It was a rat, Cherie. Rats are not good for me”.

    Yoz got the door open and peered out. There were no guards outside the door; there was a strong flickering glow through the windows. Outside, pandemonium reigned; there were further explosions. It appeared that the fuel dump had gone up in flames. The quickly made their way to the boathouse and boarded the patrol boat.

    “Wait,” said Sarah. “We can’t just leave. We need to find out what’s going on here.” She spun round, pulling an automatic from somewhere under her skirt, only to lower the gun as Zeus faded into view.

    “Who are you Sarah, if that’s really your name?”

    “My name is Sarah and I work for the US Government. I guess you could call me a secret agent. Listen, war is coming; maybe not this year or even next year, but it is coming and the USA needs to be ready. That tower is a weapon of some kind and I need to investigate it more, as well as who Dr Allenbrook is.”

    They all looked at each other and sighed. “Okay, let’s go and look at the tower.”

    Stay Tuned for the next issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories – The Tunnel of Death

    GM Notes
    Again, another fun-filled Game; the players are really getting into the genre.

    * Yes, he really does carry portable tea making equipment in his top hat. He also carries a set of lock picks.
    ** Sarah told them she worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a slight anachronism as this wasn’t set up until 1942. Still, this is Pulp.

    Brass Jester

    Issue 3

    The Tunnel of Death

    Having escaped from captivity on the island, Sarah has revealed that she is s secret agent working for the US Government.

    Somewhat reluctantly, Jack steered the boat out to the artificial island where the tower stood. In the village the fuel dump was still burning nicely, although the flames seemed to be dying off. The tower island was a square, about twenty-four feet to a side. A ladder led one hundred feet up the tower to the metal ball; thick high-tension cables emerged from the concrete floor and paralleled the ladder. In the centre of the island was a hatchway.

    Zeus revealed that he had two hand grenades, stolen from the guard barracks when he got the guns. His initial plan was to climb the tower and somehow use the grenades to destroy the ball. This was vetoed by the others on several grounds; firstly that it would need a better explosive like gelignite or dynamite and (OOC; that all of Harry’s characters do not have the best track record in climbing, even when using a ladder.)

    Accordingly, they opened the trapdoor and went down a ladder into a basement. Jack and Yoz elected to stay with the boat; so did Helene. They followed a tunnel; the HV cables ran across the ceiling of the tunnel. At the end was a locked door; made of a heavy rubber-like material.

    “Don’t suppose there’s an ‘OFF’ switch anywhere?” said Alex. “Hey, I grew up in Chicago. Always found a bullet was a good “OFF” switch there.”

    “We need Yoz”, said Sarah. “I have some Lockpicking skill, but he’s better.” Grumbling, Yoz came down and examined the door. It was linked to an alarm; he managed to disable the alarm and open the door. A strong stench of ozone greeted him. “I’m going back up to the boat”, he said.

    Beyond the door was a huge room. Banks of capacitors lined the walls and floor; leaving a narrow walkway to a further door. Thick cables liked all of them; there was a low, barely audible humming sound and occasionally a thick blue spark snapped between two discharge points.

    “This is it”, Zeus cried, rubbing his hands together. “This is where they charge up the capacitors to fire the tower. I need to re-connect and cross-connect the input/output loop to create a cyclic loop; next time they charge them, they should go boom!” He set to work whilst Alex moved to the far door. A blue spark arced out of a terminal; hitting him on the shoulder and spinning him into the wall.

    “Jeez, give me Chicago any time”.

    Sarah moved up to the door and found it was not locked. She pulled it open just as Zeus announced “There, finished.”

    Up on the island, Yoz found that Jack had moved the boat round to the far side of the tower island. The fire had been put out and it looked like the guards were forming up into search parties. The searchlight from the guard tower flickered into life and began searching the area. They crouched down in the boat, which was barely hidden behind the island.


    A squad of soldiers ran down from the blockhouse, armed with sub-machine guns. At the water’s edge, they opened up on the island; using suppressive fire. Jack peeked out and saw another group of soldiers running for the boathouse.

    “We’re going to have company.” Scrabbling around under the stern sheets, he found a knife. Yoz calmly pulled and checked his two 1911’s; then blazed away at the soldiers on the beach; taking out two of them. One returned fire and Yoz fell back; a bullet furrow across his cheek.

    Sarah stared through the door in horror; six soldiers filled the tunnel leading to the basement of the power plant. Without hesitation they opened fire; Sarah jumped back as one bullet hit the door jamb and a second bullet grazed a furrow across her shoulder. She took out one soldier; Alex joined her and shot another; who staggered backwards.

    “Get ready to close the door” yelled Zeus at Alex. “I’m going to throw a grenade.”* The grenade bounced off the walls of the tunnel and exploded, taking out four soldiers. They all ran for the far end of the power chamber; the electrical discharges were increasing in frequency as the cyclic loop built up; both Alex and Sarah were caught by stray bolts of electricity.

    On the surface, Jack heard the sound of an approaching boat. He put the knife between his teeth and started the boats engine.

    “Arr me hearties, ‘tis Captain Jack be coming for ye” **

    He took the boat round and headed on a collision course for the boat with the soldiers. Yoz origami folded his top hat into an Admiral’s fore-and-aft cap and twisted his teapot into a parrot-shape that he put on his left shoulder. *** Despite desperate avoiding action taken by the soldiers; Jack rammed the boat and leapt onto the foredeck. The collision knocked three soldiers into the sea; Yoz shot one of them and Jack knifed the other whilst grabbing his sub-machine gun.


    A hammering came at the far door; Zeus turned to see Sergeant Fujimo enter; at this point the rumble of the diesels increased and the generators began to whine.

    “Run”, yelled Zeus to Alex and Sarah; as he left the Power room the generators noise rose dramatically. They got up the ladder to the island; behind came a massive explosion and the sea and part of the beach erupted. From the blockhouse and power house came massive blue electrical flashes; there was an explosion of flame from the power station. A rumble beneath their feet; they all dived into the water as the island cracked in two. The tower swayed; then fell back across the village; the metal ball crushed the blockhouse into rubble. Zeus grabbed the megaphone and said in a thick German accent:-

    “Zere is room vor one only mad scientist in zis vorld”

    Jack steered the boat (which hadn’t been badly damaged) back round to the beach and they retrieved their weapons. Sarah went to inspect the burnt-out airplane, looking for her luggage.

    “What was in it?” asked Zeus. “Agents gear, a radio, spy cameras, code books, that sort of stuff?”

    “No”, replied Sarah. “Three brand new dresses, two pairs of shoes, six pairs of silk stockings and a brand new hat”.

    Later, at sea.

    “By the way, does anyone know where we are?”


    XP awarded = 3

    GM Notes
    * Again, the use of a weapon he doesn’t have any skill in.
    ** I have no idea what suddenly brought this on
    *** I know. Probably best to just go with it. Xref Toht’s coathanger scene in Raiders

    Everyone really enjoyed this last session; there were lots of inventive ideas coming out. Some comments were: –

    “I like fantasy, with swords and stuff; and I like secret agent stuff with guns and gadgets. Pulp combines both.”

    “This is great. It’s so over the top; it’s like Indiana Jones meets The Expendables”

    “I know what I want my character to do. When’s the next Game?”

    “Did anyone survive on the island? I want my character to meet that Japanese guy”. (GM: so we have at least one survivor/Bad Guy)


    It’s a great feeling when you get comments like that after a game 🙂

    Thanks for posting your reports.


    This is excellent!!! I wish that I play in your group 😀
    Thanks for posting this and I wish you many more seesions like this 😉

    I'd have to be a warrior,a slave I couldn't be
    A soldier and a conqueror, fighting to be free

    Brass Jester

    Thanks everyone, glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll polish up and post the events of The Unarphan Idol, which was our first pulp adventure.

    Brass Jester



    This adventure is based on the excellent adventure of the same name written by Marcus Rowland for his Forgotten Futures RPG. I first ran it in 2010 for the Dr Who ‘Timelord’ RPG and revived it because it is so good and atmospheric.

    Part 1 – The Disappearing Coachman

    A dark, windswept night, the wind rushing through the trees and ragged clouds scudding across the moon. A farm worker hurries along the road, glancing fearfully around and cursing under his breath. “Blast Ferguson, keeping him late. Alright for him, he doesn’t have to … Still, not far now to the village”. Suddenly, on the wind, came a long shuddering moan, followed by a sobbing wail and more moaning. The terrified farm worker looked to his left, towards the trees, his eyes opened wide in terror…

    Following their safe return from the South Seas (Issue 1 – The Island of Terror), the PC’s were going about their various interests in Port Douglas when they received a summons from Dr Richard Armitage at the Port Douglas Museum of Natural History. In his office, he handed Zeus a telegram.

    “I received this today. Lord Starling is an old acquaintance of mine; I cannot go due to other engagements so I would like you to check it out.”


    “These were delivered along with it”. Armitage dropped five second-class tickets for the SS ‘Bremen’, departing New York in three days.

    Three days later they boarded the SS ‘Bremen’, noting the swastika flag flying at the taffrail and the prominent picture of Herr Hitler; Reichkanzler of Germany as they boarded.* With typical efficiency the ship departed on time and the crossing was made with ease. Jack made a nuisance of himself by making some insensitive comments about passenger liners and icebergs in the North Atlantic and received a warning from the ship’s Purser. Meanwhile, Yoz set about working out how to smuggle Zeus’s lightning gun through Customs

    Five days later the ship docked at Southampton and they disembarked. Passing through the Customs shed; only Alex was questioned as he was carrying his rifle. The Customs officer accepted his story that he was a Big-Game Hunter. They went to the railway station and boarded a stopping train for Lower Poolford. At noon, with a hiss of steam, the train pulled into a sleepy little station. They were the only ones to get off; leaving the station, they saw a horse and trap waiting for them with an ancient old man driving it. He had a straggly beard, a foul-smelling pipe and wore a thick overcoat and gloves. He stank like a badger.

    “Be you Lord Starling’s party?”

    “Yes”, replied Yoz

    “Then Old Harry is here to take thee. Mind you, sorr, oi wouldn’t go there, they say it be haunted by the divil, if oi were you oi’d be back to Lunnon while ye can, sorr”

    They exchanged a few glances at this, but Harry was not more forthcoming.

    Driving through the village, past the pub, village green and tea shop, then along a wooded road, Harry suddenly pulled the horse to a stop. He pointed out the top of a tower, showing over the trees.
    “There it be, sorr, yon heathenish tower. ‘Tis said the demons of the pit can be heard there of an evening. ‘Twas overweaning pride that made the old Lord build it, to spite a man o’ the cloth. Much good did it do him….”
    Harry swung the trap right through a set of iron gates and into the grounds of Starling Manor. The drive crossed a stone bridge over a stream, swung round a lake through ornamental gardens and up to the manor house. Across the lake from the house stood the folly, a five-sided glass and metal pagoda rising above the trees. Harry dropped them off by the front entrance; then took the pony and trap round the back of the house.

    A young man, in his mid-twenties, came down the steps to meet them, followed by the butler.

    “Ethelred, Lord Starling. Welcome to Poolford Manor. Armitage wired me to say you were on your way. I expect you’ll want to freshen up; then I’ll introduce you to the others. Groves will show you to your rooms; afternoon tea in the drawing room at four o’clock”

    The rooms were on the first floor and were comfortable. The windows looked out onto the gardens, then to the lake and beyond that the pagoda. Yoz spent some time trying to hide Zeus’ Electrical Bolt Gun; finally he stuffed it on top of a wardrobe and put his suitcase in front of it.

    Zeus said “I know of this Lord Starling. He’s a doctorate in applied physics and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Quite an achievement for someone in their mid-twenties.”

    Afternoon tea was served in the drawing room; there were several other people there. Lord Starling introduced them: –
    “Alan Longbaugh, my cousin on the American side.” “Hi guys”
    “Richard Barrington-Hill; we were at college together” “H…H…Hel…lo. P..pleased meet y…you”
    “Marian Stevens, a friend of Alan’s”
    “Michelle Heeny and her aunt Clara”. “Hello. Anyone for tennis? I love tennis. Don’t worry about Aunt Clara; she’s deaf as a post”.

    Groves the butler handed Starling a message. “Isadora won’t be joining us tonight”.

    “So,” said Lord Starling, “have you any ideas where to start?”

    “Start! We don’t actually know what we’re doing here”.

    “Oh. Armitage didn’t say anything? Well …”

    Alan broke in. “Basically, the folly is haunted and Ethel here wants you to prove that it isn’t”

    “It is NOT haunted and there is NO ghost”. Lord Starling’s voice was stern. “Basically, in 1895, my father had a bet with the local clergyman, Rev. Theosophies Downes, that he could prove that the Earth was round (and not flat, as the clergyman believed; otherwise how could angels stand at the four corners of the earth?) My father had the pagoda built to house a Foucault pendulum, using the resources of one of his railway companies. The pendulum worked as predicted; he won the bet but refused the money, preferring instead that the clergyman preach the truth. They became good friends until death. Now I am due to inherit the bulk of the Starling estate, providing the exact terms of the will are adhered to. The will includes the clause “must not have any belief in ghosts or supernatural happenings”, else I will not inherit. About six weeks ago, at night, terrible groaning noises started to come from the folly at irregular intervals; the locals are terrified and unless I can come up with a rational explanation I stand to lose my inheritance.”

    The PC’s all reflected on this for some time.

    “By the way, my groom wants to know if he should stable your horse as your driver is nowhere to be found.”

    “Our driver? We thought he worked for you.”

    “I was going to send Perkins with the Rolls to collect you.”

    Dinner was served at eight p m, vegetable soup, a magnificent roast pheasant with all of the trimmings; followed by a rhubarb syllabub. It whilst talking over after-dinner drinks that from outside they heard a keening howl, wailing up and down the scale, followed by a deafening rumble that went on for several minutes. The howling came again and again, interspersed with the basso rumble. After several minutes the sounds died away.

    “Well, there it is”, said Starling. “What do you make of that?”

    At that point, Marian said in a fear-filled voice “I feel … a presence in this house” and collapsed in a faint.

    Stay Tuned for the next issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories – The Village of Fear

    GM Notes
    Again, a fun-filled session; very atmospheric and scene-setting

    * This caused some discussion. “Hitler? So Germany won the war? / No, they lost the war / But I was a flying ace in the war / Yes, the Great War / Which war was that? / World War I, World War II hasn’t happened yet / So I fought in World War I? / Yes, but it was called the Great War / Why? / Because World War II hasn’t happened yet / Could we start it early? / (sigh)

    Brass Jester


    Part 2 -The Village of Fear

    Jack, Yoz, Dr Zeus and Alex are guests at Poolford Manor in England. They are here at the behest of Lord Starling to prove that his family folly is not haunted.

    The following morning, after breakfast, they intended to ask Starling if they could look at the will to see who would inherit if they didn’t. However, they got side-tracked into asking for a demonstration of the pendulum. Starling led them to the tower and unlocked the door with a large brass key.

    “How many keys are there?” asked Jack. “Just this one”, was the reply. “It hangs on a hook in my study, under a portrait of my father.”

    The inside was eerie; several benches were spaced round a circular pit into which hung the pendulum, a massive plumb bob at the end.. The floor of the pit was laid out as a circle divided into degrees by brass strips. Looking up, the wire seemed to stretch upwards forever; inspiring a feeling of vertigo. Climbing shrubs and plants hid the uprights of the tower.

    “How much did this cost to build?” “About ten thousand pounds”. Alex whistled softly “ten thousand bucks to win a hundred? The guy must have been nuts.” He caught Lord Starling looking at him. “Sorry, I guess you English call it eccentric”.

    With some help, Starling set the pendulum swinging and started a large stopwatch mounted on the wall. The pendulum behaved exactly as the theory predicted; moving its plane of swing one degree every five minutes.

    “Do not go down into the pit”, warned Starling. “There is a lot of kinetic energy in that bob and being hit by it would be like being hit by a steam locomotive.

    Starling locked the tower and returned to the house. The PC’s headed for the village; as they were about to cross the stream they spied a brick tunnel in the bank. Investigating, they found an arched brick-lined tunnel leading towards the gardens. A large pipe came from up out of the river and a culvert had a trickle of water going back into the river. The tunnel was blocked by an iron gate; locked. Yoz was about to try picking the lock when a loud voice came from behind: –

    “Be on your way. You’re trespassing.”

    The speaker was a dour man, wearing a hunting jacket, canvas trousers and wellingtons. He carried a double-barrelled shotgun.

    “We are guests of Lord Starling”, said Yoz. “Are you Ferguson? Lord Starling told us you were the groundkeeper”.

    “Lost are you? The house is that way”.

    “We are here investigating the haunting of the tower. Where does this tunnel go?”

    “Don’t know. It’s been locked for years and the key’s gone”.

    They headed back up to the driveway and crossed over the bridge; Ferguson watched them leave. Walking down the road towards the village they discussed various theories; it was possible Isadora Downes was doing it as she stood to inherit* Or, it was someone pretending to be the ghost of Old Harry the disappearing coachman.

    “You know; Ferguson wasn’t being straight with us. As groundkeeper, it’s his job to know where that tunnel goes”.

    In the village; Yoz and Alex went to the church to try and find any mention of Old Harry; or a recently-disturbed grave. Reverend Holt was quite helpful; he believes the noises are being made by the wind blowing from a certain direction. He does not believe that Reverend Downes has returned as a ghost; he was a devout man of the cloth. He has never heard of anyone called Old Harry.

    Jack and Dr Zeus went to the public house (“The Starling’s Tower”) and talked with the landlord and Bert Roper; who claimed to have seen “the divil ‘isself come out of the trees at him and pursue him to the village green”. After a few drinks and some talking they decided that Roper hadn’t actually seen anything. Neither Roper or the landlord knew anyone called Old Harry. Jack left the pub a little worse for wear; not being used to English beer.

    In the village store; Jack bought a quarter of humbugs** and Dr Zeus bought a quarter of Rhubarb and Custard. The shopkeeper confirmed that they could hear the ghost here in the village and that it would be terrible if Lord Starling lost his inheritance as he owned the village. Nobody called Old Harry lives round here.

    Yoz and Jack found Isadora Downes working in the ‘Copper Kettle’ tea shop and café. Yoz ordered a large pot of tea and scones and butter. They learnt that she used to tutor Ethelred Starling when he was a boy; that her father was a very devout Christian and remained good friends with Lord Starling and that she was not a beneficiary of the will (by this time, they’d given up asking about Old Harry).

    By now it was tea-time and the air was heavy and oppressive. Thick clouds were building up; it was obvious that a storm was brewing.

    They headed back to Poolton Manor and down to the river. Something had changed; the gate now had a chain and padlock on it! Yoz set to work and easily picked the padlock and the lock on the gate. He and Jack went into the tunnel; convinced it was a secret passage leading to the house; Dr Zeus and Alex went back to the house.

    Yoz pulled the gate shut behind him and tried to relock it. His lockpick snapped off in the lock; locking the gate permanently***. The tunnel was dark and they had no torches.

    At the house; Dr Zeus and Alex asked if they could see the will. Starling obliged and helped translate the complex legalese. Basically; if Starling doesn’t inherit then four cousins get 25% each.
    Wesler, G (England); Crossingham A (England); Longbaugh A, (USA), LaRue J (France).

    Longbaugh? Just then the gong sounded; “Dinner is served, My Lord”

    “Thank you, Groves. Oh, I won’t be here tomorrow; I’ve got to attend a meeting in London and then I’m lunching at the Carlton with Fermi and Heisenberg; they’ve got some exciting new ideas they want to talk about. I’ll stop over at the Savoy and be back on Friday.

    Dinner was served at 7pm; when asked about Yoz and Jack; Dr Zeus made up a story about them experiencing drinking in an English pub. 8pm came; but the ghost did not appear. At 8:15pm the storm broke; lightning flashed and thunder rolled. At around 8:20 a massive bolt of lightning struck the tower; for several seconds coruscating flashes of blue fire flickered up and down it. Longbaugh and Marian looked worried; Starling was unconcerned.

    “The globe is a lightning conductor”.

    Meanwhile; down in the tunnel; a different battle was raging. Jack had refused to give Yoz any mint humbugs unless he did something good. They ended up fighting; Jack was shot in the foot and they ended up in a MAD situation with guns pointing at each other****. The impasse was broken by someone trying to get through the gate; they couldn’t see who it was; but the silhouette looked like Ferguson.

    Back at the house; after some conversation in the library; everyone retired to bed. It was in the early hours then that the ghost put in an appearance.

    Down in the tunnel; having made up their differences; Yoz and Jack explored up the tunnel. There was a massive flash of lightning and almost immediate explosion of thunder overhead; in the flash they saw something gleaming white at the end of the tunnel. Yoz nearly fell into it; a water cistern with a hose rigged up to collect water from the lake overflow, with an outlet pipe leading out through the wall. He turned on the inlet tap; the cistern filled, then flushed. From somewhere outside came the horrifying sobbing groans of the ghost.

    Inside the house there was a general state of alarm. Lights were lit in various rooms; several of the servants were visibly upset. Dr Zeus watched Longbaugh; he was peering out of the window as if looking for something. He saw Dr Zeus and Alex and suggested that they should hold a séance; with Marian as the medium. Both of them were dead against it.

    “I am a scientist”, said Dr Zeus, “and Starling would never agree to it; he’d be compromised”

    “I agree,” said Alex. “Science, not séance” *****

    As no more noises came; eventually everyone settled back to sleep. Down in the tunnel; Jack disconnected the hose leading to the cistern so that it wouldn’t fill up; intending to use it as evidence. At this moment, there came the clink of metal from the gate. Ferguson stood there, gripping his shotgun.

    “You had to interfere, didn’t you? Well, you’ll not stop me getting my share”.

    With that, he discharged both barrels of his shotgun through the gate and into the tunnel …

    Stay Tuned for the next issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories – The Pit of Peril

    GM Notes
    * No idea where they got this idea from
    ** Later to cause so much dissension and some of the best laughs we’ve had
    *** Yes, a Critical Failure!
    **** Ben is a SW GM so I just let them get on with it. After all of this; they ended up still as friends!!
    ***** Pretty good, coming from an illiterate gangster

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