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That old black Magick
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    So for those of you familiar with the Leagues of Adventure setting, and the new Gothic Horror expansion. How compatible is AFO’s sorcery and the black magic from Leagues?

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    Not at all, really. LOA/LOGH uses fixed spells rather than a freeform system.

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    Reeeeeally. I don’t suppose there is a preview anywhere that includes the magic from LoGH? Just to get a taste of it. Is all magic from LoGH “black” magic?



    The ritual magic in LoGH are essentially codified spells which are pregenerated and have a defiend Rank; all are ritual magic, there are no magic missiles! The Rank determines the skill level needed to memorize the spell/ritual. These spells may have modifiers to their casting based on various circumstances.

    Spells are not necessarily black magic, but using black magic in the ritual increases the ease of success, but with Corruption consequences. There are various Traditions of magic, one of which is black magic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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