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Talismans and multiple effects
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    If an enchanter wanted to enchant a sword with both a skill bonus and a damage bonus, and they had a talisman that was for the Skill/Secondary column. Would the complication reduction be applied to both entries on the Effects column? (the first for the Skill bonus and the second for the damage bonus)

    Example (Level 1 Talisman Enchanter 2 Complications from Skills/Secondary Effects)
    Base 2
    Range: 0
    Duration: 0 (12 hours)
    AoE: 0 (1 item)
    Effect: 4 (2 with Talisman) + 4 (2 with Talisman) +6 Skill and +6 damage
    Rating: 6

    TAG Wiggy

    No, it would apply once. One spell, one use basically.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Thanks, oh well, have to do two casting rituals. I was hoping to save an hour of chanting. 😛

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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