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Tales from the Sands PDF released to Kickstarter Backers!

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    So did i, all solved now. And there was much rejoicing


    Will the characters mentioned in the first alinea of the first adventure be uploaded soon?


    The original version of that adventure had the mathemagician as the Evil Villain™. He was after missing pieces of a formula that would open a gate to the Bottomless Pit and release thousands of demons onto an unsuspecting world, and duped the heroes into helping.

    Then it got changed to a evil mathemagician trying to rework crreation. That version was called The God Formula.

    Despite the changes, I liked the idea of a mathematics based AB and kept the NPC as the patron. I hated algebra at school (but enjoyed calculus at college), but it fits magic quite well — all those lovely variables to calculate.

    A project I was on we had a couple of guys we called Batman and Robin (and not for a good reason). So we all looked up villains to be their foes. I was never deep into the Batman comics, but I was overjoyed to find out one of his villains was the Actuary. Muhahaha! Sadly, he was never “popular” enough to make it into the movies or video games that I know of.

    Might have to crack out my Actuarial books and make up some spells:

    1=Ax + dax

    That is the universal translator in actuarial science – definitely that spell to create unlife from death.

    Left is Death!


    Received the, signed, print version this afternoon. Thanks 🙂


    I’ve received my playing cards but not my physical copy of TftS. Hopefully, it will arrive in time for me to use it when I run Reign of Fire at Expo for you guys.

    TAG Wiggy

    Hi Scion,

    Not sure what type you pledged for. The UK/European hardbacks have been sent out. We’re waiting on delivery of the UK/European softbacks – shouldn’t be much longer.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Hi Wiggy

    I pledged at the £34 level for the hardback plus adding the cards separately.




    Received my signed hardback and action deck this morning. A very nice surprise at breakfast. Thanks, guys! 😀

    Now i have to wait for the 5 Hellfrost dice i ordered with my pledge. 😉

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)
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