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    Reposted from the old website.

    This document covers changes to the Necropolis 2350 and Update 2351-55 setting based on the release of Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD). These are official, and will be used in future products. As always, the game is yours, so you can introduce whatever house rules you want.

    Guts: Necropolis 2350 is a horror setting. Guts remains a setting skill.
    Knowledge Skills: A list of handy Knowledge skills is presented in the Necropolis Update.

    Unless otherwise stated below, where an Edge exists in both Necropolis and SWD, the Necropolis version take precedent.
    The following new Edges are not available:
    * Brave (use Courageous)
    * Elan (the SWD version is not used. The nearest Necropolis 2350 equivalent is Holy Fire. The Necropolis Elan Edge has a totally different mechanic)
    * Leader of Men (use Born Leader)
    * Scavenger (use Scrounger)
    * Tactician (use Necropolis 2350 version)
    Leader of Men: The Necropolis version is now officially dropped due to the changes below.

    Leadership Edges
    Necropolis 2350 is very much a military game. However, there is also a strict chain of command. Wild Card player characters only benefit from Leadership Edges from a superior officer or a chaplain. In the former case, they are actual orders. In the latter, they are prayers, psalms, and other spiritual and morale increasing effects.

    Remains as per Necropolis 2350 and Necropolis Update 2351-55. Gear notes not detailed in these volumes apply as per SWD.

    Situational Rules Setting Rules: None of the optional setting rules are used in Necropolis, though GMs may always add them.

    Arcane Backgrounds Unless stated otherwise below, the changes to arcane backgrounds in SWD are used.

    Spells: Intangibility remains as per Necropolis 2350.

    Chaplains may not use intangibility, mind reading, or summon ally (in addition to spells already proscribed to them).

    Any spell the GM wishes may be used by NPC necromancers and weird scientists.

    Trappings: In addition to the trapping listed in the core setting, the Necromantic trapping options from SWD are also available to necromancers and weird scientists.

    Chaplains and other miracle workers may pick from the following trappings when selecting a spell: fire/heat and light.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

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