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Running TAG games at FG Con VI (Apr 17-19, 2015)?

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    Hello everybody!

    In about six weeks time another FG Con is taking place.

    FG of course stands for Fantasy Grounds – the virtual table top that has a most excellent Savage Worlds add-on for it.

    I will be running a self-made adventure for All for One (SW edition) on Saturday night (GMT +2), but I’d be very much interested in playing with other GMs during Europe-compatible times.

    Is anybody interested in running games there (you would need at least a FG GM license – they are set to Ultimate so all players can play for free during the Con)? I’d love to play to try out a session of Necropolis 2350 (or pretty much anything else, too)!

    FG Con - free online roleplaying with the Fantasy Grounds virtual table top!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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