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Resource Rules Question
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    I’ve got a player with a priest of Hoenir who’s expressed some interest in starting a temple in Norvik. I’m looking through the Resource Management rules (2nd edition) and I cannot find any information on Initial Population score for a resource if the owner doesn’t have the Rich, Filthy Rich or Noble edges. Since Rich and/or Noble starts with a population sore of 2, I’m guessing non-Rich non-Noble initial population starts at 1? But then I look at the Religious resource details and it says:

    Special: The Resource automatically begins with a temple the same as the hero’s faith (see page 28). However, it begins with one less Population point, as not everyone in the region worships the god. This, in turn, affects the hero’s base annual income.

    So does that mean he starts with a resource of 0 population and has to improve it from there? It kind of makes sense, but that’s going to be tough work for him if that’s how it’s supposed to work.


    This seems like a typo to me. Rich and Noble start with pop 2, but Filthy Rich starts with pop 6?

    Depending on where the temple is located, 100 followers (pop 1) can be realistic, especially if the temple serves multiple towns or villages. So I would just let the temple start as pop 1 instead of 0.


    I think I may just run it as written and start him at 0. The town (Norvik) he wants to create the temple in has some fierce competition from other temples already (Neorthe, Eartha, Sigel, Kenaz). So starting off at 0 really hammers home the aspect of him having to convert some of the populace over to Hoenir.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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