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Rephaim Driver

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    Thanks for the awesome setting!

    I am playing the Necropolis 2350 campaign. In many of the missions the Rephaim use captured Church vehicles in the field. Is it assumed that a Zombie is driving it? Zombies don’t have driving and it is hinted that they are not that bright. The only Rephaim units that have Driving are Fliegerkopf/Panzerkopf and Typical Dark Knight. It is also stated that Panzerkopf are quite rare. Does that mean I stick the Typical Dark Knight in the vehicles? or do I just give a Zombie some driving?



    In the Rephaim chapter under the section about Vehicles it says Rephaim are remarkably able to adapt to human technologies and that zombies and skeletons are often found in captured vehicles.

    I am going assume that means zombies and skeletons have a d4 in driving

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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