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    For Saxa names, sunu means “son” or “son of”.

    But is it pronounced “son” or “sew new” or something else?

    Example is Ryansunu pronounced “Ryan-son”, “Ryan sew new” or something else?

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    Saxa is based culturally and linguistically on Anglo-Saxon, i.e. Old English with a touch of Frisian and German. Therefore the vowels are emphasized accordingly including the variations by local dialects. The U in -sunu sounds like the one in Wulf, for instance, less than the ew or you sounds of modern English.

    For a spoken example of Old English:
    To get an example open Google Translate, enter “Ryansunu” and choose German and Danish respectively to be read in.

    On the other hand, Anari sounds like a mixture of the Nordic languages, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and especially Icelandic, with a good proportion of English, Frisian, and German. The latter especially in the areas where they have mixed with the Saxa and related cultures since before the Blizzard War. The “purest” form of the Anari is spoken probably on the Alantaris Isle, whereby here also rather the “vulgar” survived, similarly to the “roman language”, later Italian after the fall of the Roman Empire.

    For an example, use Google Translate again, and choose Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Icelandic.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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