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Prepping for a New Game
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    So for 2017, my library game crew is returning to the wild world of All for One. I’m taking advantage of the holidays to start prep work for it. So far I have a cult of serial killers, an anarchist terrorist group (cue Michael Bay explosions), a gaming circle front for the daughters of Medina, and a Dragon Rouge mastermind (actually, I’m using Olivier Durand from the core book). Am I missing anything?



    Here’s my to do list of play aids:
    A sorcery/dueling cheat sheet
    An advancement cheat sheet
    A two page distillation of the HEX QSR

    Anything else you seasoned hands have found useful for new, inexperienced players?

    TAG Wiggy

    Make sure they know the general background and the style of play you’ve chosen. That should enable them to quickly get into character.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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