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Madinat Almuhit, City under the Sea

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    Well, since I got myself into this underwater situation – here is the initial write-up of the undersea city our Heroes find themselves in. (see Spirit of Suleiman thread)

    Madinat Almuhit, City under the Sea

    * Temperature: Tropical Waters
    * Population: TBD
    * Ruler: King Mathias Taj
    * Religion: Faithful – Primarily Nu, Old Man of the Sea (see Al-Shirkuh Realm Guide #5 Southern Oceans)
    * Imports: Wine
    * Exports: Pearls

    A magical city under the ocean, Madinat Almuhit is the home of the Havmand, also known as merfolk. The realm is ruled by King Mathias Taj, who is known as a just and fair merman. The city is a mixture of coral, giant shells, and other natural ocean features of all sizes and color. The merfolk have the ability to enhance the growth of the coral and guide its growth, which has lead to fantastical structures that could only be supported by the buoyancy of water.

    But not all is well in the kingdom. Much like on the surface, the strengthening Hellfrost Effect impacts the Undersea world as well. Cooling waters make the growing coral much slower and much more difficult. In the most northern parts of the realm the cooling is killing the coral. The Giant Kelp forest, which hides the fierce Kreana, encroaches from the colder north. Sealife that the merfolk have cultivated and depended on for a millennia has started to migrate south to warmer waters. And recently, the King’s son, Prince Albion has gone missing, and is feared lost in the Trench of Carcharas.


    * Coral Palace – A wondrous castle of coral that is the the seat of power of the merfolk
    * Coral Grotto – A natural wonder – miles and miles of coral caverns bursting with color. The grotto is integrated into the Coral Palace, but most is designated as a protected area for the citizens to enjoy
    * The Emerald Fields – vast areas of seaweed that sustains the kingdom
    * Trench of Carcharas – an ominous rent in the floor of the ocean. It is thought that it leads to Carcharas’s Abyssal cavern prison. The area is forbidden for the citizens to explore due to the inherent danger of the region and its innumerable sharks.
    * The Lost City of Chicheng – A traded city of the Jade Empire that was sunk by the Jinn when they conquered Al-Shirkuh.

    Inspiration of the city

    * Kelp Forest of the Kreana – a great kelp forest from the north has encroached on realm as the waters have cooled over the last several centuries.


    * King Mathias Taj, who is known as a just and fair ruler
    * Princess Salana, beloved of the merfolk and fraternal twin to Prince Albion
    * Crown Prince Albion – the first born of King Mathias and fraternal twin to Princess Salana. Missing.
    * Jafar, Wizir to the King.
    * Theron – second in command of the Coral Guard and protector of Princess Salana


    Nu is treated as a Major Deity by the aquatic races. Key changes are the story is driven more from Nu being the creator and guardian of the seas in opposition to Carcharas, which seeks to dominate all the seas. Signature spell would be changed, and would the Mortal sin as the in Regional Guide #5 write-up are from a land-dweller’s point of view.

    City under the Sea

    Left is Death!


    Weird – I did not see the option to edit my first post even though I did edit it right after I first made it. A few more tidbits:

    * Pearl Beds – An area rich in oysters, this is the primary source of export for Madinat Almuhit.
    * The Sward – It is rumored that part of the Coral Palace was already formed long before the rent that caused the Trench of Carcharas in the dawn of time. Whomever or whatever formed this portion of the palace may have been a surface dweller, as the Sward is an area that maintains a dome of fresh air. It is here that a small population of surface folk live. They are mostly survivors of shipwrecks that choose to live among the merfolk. A few are descendants of pass shipwreck survivors. There are also a few Jinn/Elemental mages that have sought out the City under the Sea.
    * Ulric – an elderly Saxa that greets and orients new surface folk to the Sward and the Madinat Almuhit. He was rescued from a sinking ship long ago.
    * Coral Guard – akin to the Pegasus Guard of the Sultanate, this elite force protects the royal family. They use Giant Seahorses as their mounts.


    While Madinat Almuhit is nominally in the region of Al-Shirkuh, it is of its own culture. The architecture, art, and music is unique. Influences of Al-Shirkuh, Rassilon, and the Jade Empire can be found occasionally and tend to bubble up (down?) after major storms take their tolls on merchant ships.

    From the surface folk point of view, the culture of the merfolk will seem to be more influenced by their native surface culture. This is due to how the merfolk communicate. Merfolk have telepathy with a range that is about that of a listener of a person talking in a normal tone of voice. For long distances and only in water, the merfolk have a musical voice that carries well underwater, but only conveys simple emotions and commands (no different than a surfacer might communication with a shout). It is the telepathy aspect that gives the impression of cultural similarities due to how one’s brain interprets the telepathic communication. It is “translated” into terms and concepts that one already knows.

    For example, when talking of religion a native of Al-Shirkuh would view the merfolk as Faithful and their primary god is Nu. A native from Rassilon would have the impression that they worship Neorthe.


    When surfacers arrive, they are provided an amulet made of gold and pearl (materials of land and sea) that provides both elemental protection (water) and allows for them to communicate in the same manner of the merfolk. These amulets much be “recharged” every new moon or they will lose their powers.

    Arcane Backgrounds

    * As noted above in Religion and under Culture, the merfolk worship Nu/Neorthe.
    * Siren, which means enchanter or mage in the the merfolk’s native tongue. Surfacers would interpret them as Jinn Mage/Elementalist/”Mizu” (see: (water)
    * Coral Shapers or simply The Shapers – in short, sea druids. They protect the coral, monitor the Pearl Beds and the Emerald Fields, and can call upon whales, dolphins, giant sea horses, and manta rays to help the realm.

    The latter two are both subject to the Siphoning.

    Left is Death!


    You created some interesting stuff… 😀

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Thank you! I tried to channel my inner Wiggy.

    Not sure that came out right…

    Left is Death!

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