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Is the SW version worth it?


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    Hi I love all for one and savage worlds. I had the original books for the other system but gave them away when I moved. My players all like Savage Worlds. Should I get the SW version?


    For me personally, the SW version is the most complete one, because it already includes most of the Guides lack of two or three (about the Barbary coast IIRC).

    Because all published adventures are for the Ubiquity version (as is Paris Gothique) it asks for GMs who know both versions good enough to convert the stats properly. For a longer campaign it would be wiser to have both versions…

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    I’m going to support what Enno says; SW AFO really does have a lot of good material in it and I really do recommend it to anyone who likes Savage Worlds. I’m presently running my AFO campaign using Ubiquity but I will certainly be looking to use the SW version sometime in the future as well.

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    Are the adventures going to be ported to the SW version? Maybe in a reduced price compendium? *hint, hint*

    I am using Fantasy Grounds for my play these days and Savage Worlds is my choice of game system for the most part…

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    No plans to support Savage AFO beyond the core book.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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