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Hellfrost Foes


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    Coins, lots of coins


    Coin Golem

    TAG Wiggy

    Freakin’ awesome models, mate!

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Thanks. I am really proud of the “books” I did. Though I put enough work into the coins that I will run that encounter regardless. If by chance it doesn’t get pulled before the end it will be played right before the finale.


    The books are always in, as they are part of the Big Boss encounter.

    As said before, well done, friend.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Well done, indeed! Care to divulge how you made the books and coins?


    Sure. I could not find good models for either one so I decided to build them myself.

    The coins were fairly simple. I just bought a bag of small gold sequins and a bag of small silver ones as well. I mixed them together. Over a couple of weeks I applied some glue to a base and dipped it into the mix. I did this over and over again each day. So once the glue dried I added another “layer” to it. I only did glue once for the piles of coins (terrain).

    The books were a little more work. I took three kinds of paper (white, black and an off white certificate paper with gold edges). I cut each into strips and then tore the strips into smaller pieces. Tearing helped create rough edges. I simple glued the different paper scraps onto bases to make terrain and the creatures. I glued some long sprue pieces standing up to bases for a foundation to create 2 book swarms and started with an old zombie model for the base of the elemental. I also took some white plastic card and cut in into strips. I wrapped some of the black paper on the plastic card and glued before I cut into smaller pieces to create “books”. Used a larger proportion of the gold edged paper for the elemental and put most of the “books” on the swarm and elemental bases.

    Thats a quick summary. If you are interested in more details on any of the steps I would be happy to explain further.


    Thanks for the info. Please let us know how the session goes. I was thinking about running Paraxus later this year, and would love to hear about your experience running it and any GM ‘nuggets’ you might pick up on the way.


    GW LOTR Orcs


    I like a lot of the LOTR models for role playing. The Orcs are small enough that I painted up some GW fantasy Savage Orcs as Ogres.

    There is an Orc in the pic to show the scale


    I played the “What goes up” encounter from the Encounters book at the start of their journey to Paraxus. Dropped a juvenile Hellfrost dragon on them (after the wagon dropped of course). Such fun.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 28 total)
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