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    Hello fellow players.

    When I started playing Hellfrost I created a character sheet based on a very old one made by Emil Palisoc ( Kind as he is, he gave me full permission to edit and publish it in any way I want. I published them here in the forums but now I think it is time for a new thread as I made a lot of changes by now.
    There are currently two variants for SWADE and one for SDX.
    – Version 3.3.4 is the latest (and final) sheet for SDX.
    – Version 4.0 and higher will all be made for SWADE.
    – Versions with an “a” will include a section for physical description.
    – Versions with a “b” don’t have a section for a physical description but feature some more general mechanics, expecially useful for everyone new to SWADE.
    — I’m not sure whether or not I will continue making two versions. Let me know which one you like better or do you think I shall continue making both?
    – Be careful, all releases feature an explanation for shaken which shows the very old rules, the old rules and the new rules (I like the very old rules much better). Ignore the part in parenthesis if you’re not sure what the old and very old rules are.
    – A version of this for Pinnacle Entertainment Settings seems unlikely as I am not allowed to use art or any references of those settings. A generic version would be possible, let me know if you’re interested.
    — A big thanks to Wiggy for letting me publish this without any conditions. =)
    – I am bound to use a splash page for this sheet and publish it under the Savage Fan License because it contains rulings from the original books.

    – Two essential pages, a third one for spellcasters (mages, clergy and frostborn)
    – Sections for all necessary statistics.
    – Blank skills section for just the skills you learned.
    — SWADE version has pre-printed inborn skills.
    – Edges & History section to note your progress through ranks.
    – Notes with important game mechanics such as shaken, encumbrance (all versions) and conditions (SWADE only)
    – Section for all types of more specific magic rulings (casting modifiers) in Hellfrost (except miracles), permission to publish them was granted by Wiggy.
    – Section for sins (clergy and devotee).
    – Section for Staff Augmentation (Heahwisards).
    – Sections for alchemical devices and herbal remedies.
    – Roleplaying related section called “personality”, as well as family, motivation and biography.
    – Glory, Items and Currencies and many more sections.
    – Wounds, Fatigue, Encumbrance and Ammunition located on the right side and bottom, enable tracking those with paperclips.
    – A4 format only but can be printed on letter format as well I suppose.
    – Version 3.3.2 and higher sport the fancy original Hellfrost logo, permission to use it was granted by Wiggy.

    – Version 4.0.1 shows a wrong page for Incapacitation. Will be fixed in later versions.
    – Version 4.0.1 lacks information on the new “stunned” condition. Will be fixed in later Versions.

    All versions will be uploaded to a mediafire folder from which you can pick your favorite. You can always revisit the folder to see if there are new Versions available. Versions higher than 4.0.1 probably won’t be uploaded until Hellfrost got updated for SWADE. If I ind some free time I’ll do a fix for the bugs mentioned above though.
    The folder will contain character sheets for Land of Fire once I updated them for SWADE and got the permission from Wiggy.
    Ally sheets are scheduled. Ressoource sheet for Ressource Management 2.0 may be made in the future.

    Please give me all the feedback you got. I’m happy to include suggestions and positive feedback gives me the motivation to keep doing this. =)
    A copy of this thread will be published on reddit.

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