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Glyph limit recovery
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    When does mage recover his Glyphs limit – immediately after triggering of Glyph or later? In first case he is able to exceed his Maintained spells for one hour in practice, isn’t he?


    He has the capacity again to cast another Glyph immediately after it was activated or erased. As written in the spells description, “A hero may have a maximum number of glyphs cast at anyone time equal to half his arcane skill die. They never count as Maintained spells.”
    Neither does the Glyph count as Maintained (it’s only the vessel to store the energy of the spell(s) casted with it), nor does the stored spell – if the latter is a maintained one. So only the penalties of the currently maintained spells apply at the moment of casting the Glyph, and this penalty doesn’t change because of the casting. Any Maintained spell activated by a Glyph runs for 1 hour, similar to Alchemy. Wiggy might correct me on the latter point, because i found no official reference. 😉

    Reminder: Ignore the sentence about Combine in the first paragraph. It does not apply! Yet Combine may be used to store two different spells counting as one into a Glyph. So Fear and Blast in a single Glyph are possibility.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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