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    Why does it take 6 actions to reload a musket in all for one and only 2 actions to reload a musket in Savage Worlds Deluxe?


    Muskets of the 16th century were very heavy and unwieldy weapons. Matchlocks, Wheellocks and early Flintlocks took historically up to a minute to reload, shorter when trained ( = you have the edge). A base of 6 rounds or 36 sec is plausible at the training and time of AFO.

    Muskets in SW Deluxe are the final versions of blackpowder weapons from the 18-19th century before real carbines and rifles with case ammo where introduced. The flintlock mechanism was perfected, and they were “rifled” thus much shorter and lighter. Reloading them took about 15 sec per barrel, which fits the 2 rounds.

    Because reloading early blackpowder weapons are an important part of this genre, the 6 rounds fit better then the 2 rounds.

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    To add to Enno’s reply, the very long barrels in AFO also explain why they have Min Str d10. In order to fire one effectively, you need a musket stand, which lowers the Str to d6.

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    Because a pictures says more then 1000 words…

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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