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    TAG Wiggy

    Centello recently rightly asked if Enno, who answered some of his questions, speaks with any authority on the forums. We’ve never officially commented on Enno’s status before, but here’s how it stands for future reference.

    Officially, Enno is a fan like you guys and gals – he isn’t a TAG employee.

    HOWEVER, Enno has been around here since day one, has edited and proofread many Hellfrost books, knows the world as written inside out (even he is not privy to the deep secrets, though), and corrects me when I forget something I’d written years before. On rare occasions I do have to correct one of his forum answers, but that’s usually down to interpretation of something not clear cut or where I’ve changed my mind while developing the world. Believe me, he knows his stuff. 🙂

    In essence, when I’m busy and can’t get around to answering your questions quickly, he has my blessing, backing, and full trust to answer on my behalf.

    Thanks all!

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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