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    I started with Hellfrost just recently and I’m really impressed how huge this system is. As beginners we find it difficult to create characters though. We are very used to the edges and hindrances summary tables from SWD and with new edges and hindrances spread over multiple publications and only with full text it is quite a challenge.
    I am pretty sure I’m not the first one who suggests this but I think Hellfrost really needs a summary of its edges and hindrances with a small description, the requirements and the game mechanics. I don’t even think this would reduce the sales. I think it would rather promote the game and the expansions.
    If there still are concerns however I’d be very happy to pay like 3-5€ for a pdf containing only the summary with all details mentioned above.

    Alternatively it would also be better than nothing to give a small description and the requirements for the edges and hindrances and also listing the publication and the page to quickly find the game mechanics. This would not give away the edges and hindrances for free but everyone who purchased the books could benefit from such a summary. Additionaly it would promote the publications.


    As Wiggy wrote 2 years ago a list that gives one the requirements and mechanics is basically giving the Edges away for free. A list with just a short text description of the basic effect and a reference to the book and page, is OK however.

    You have to ask +dpmcalister how his Hellfrost index project fares.

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    For Rassilon, all the additional Edges are compiled in Rassilon Expansion 1 & 2. Not to say a simple summary would not be welcome 🙂

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    There are new Edges in Arcane Lore too.

    Hellfrost is also bigger then Rassilon, so don’t forget Land of Fire.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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