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DTotSL Vehicle Design
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    I’m working up a vehicle design sheet for DTotSL. It’s an a la carte style where you just pick frame, likely amount of armor for the concept, etc. I believe I have found a method that acts as a guide and can be used to model the current vehicle examples in Compendium 1.

    What I lack is any input on Heavy Armored vehicles. I am curious how you would handle that? Would you give tanks high values of Heavy armor like in the SWDEX, or would you use smaller numbers? What sort of base toughness and armor would a battle tank or an APC have?

    And finally, when finished should I submit this to TAG for approval?


    Actually aside from an APC and a tank, the majority of vehicles are already designed and just need the occasional modification to make them feel different.

    I do have a question about flight ceilings though. Hover cars and hover barges have a ceiling of 50″, a hover taxi has a ceiling of 100″, and a hover bike and hover raft only have a ceiling of 2″. Is there a mix in scales or is this truly what their limits are?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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