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Disciples of Maera and Taboo magic

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    Maera’s discipleship edge permits her paladins and priests to learn any spell not on their spell list. If a disciple of Maera takes and uses a spell like “Summon Demon” or “Zombie”, how would the cult of Maera react? Would the church perceive use of such magic as heretical?

    For that matter, how would the greater public react to Summon Demon or Zombie? Both are clearly evil spells. If a well meaning character with +40 glory summons a demon or undead, would this be worthy of high end glory penalties? Perhaps bringing glory to 0 or even reversing it?

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    Hi BenMonstas,

    The spells are slightly different, so we’ll take them in turn.

    Summon demon is open to certain cults, but only specific demons. For instance, clerics of Hoenir can summon librarian demons and ordinary folk know and mostly accept that. No good cult goes around summoning chain or rage demons, though. So penalties are really going to depend on exactly what the cleric summons and where. Summon any demon in a town square and you’ll likely be arrested as a menace to society and lose Glory. Summon a destructive demon and the cult of Sigel may want a word with you as well.

    Only one deity grants zombie – Hela. That a cleric of Maera can learn it in way no excuses them from casting it – undead are scary to ordinary folk. Good souls only come back as revenants with the gods’ blessing – general undead are ALWAYS evil souls. Summon an undead in public, and you’ll probably be attacked by the guard and tortured if you survive, regardless of your cult. The cult of Scaetha may also come calling with bundles of firewood.

    Summon a demon or undead in your own home or in a dungeon, and where are the witnesses? There are other PCs of course, but how they react is up to them. That said, any clerics of Scaetha or Sigel are likely to react very badly – using evil to fight evil doesn’t make it a good deed.

    As for the cult of Maera, no cult is a united front – every temple has slightly different views. In general, though, they’d see users of undead or destructive demons as potentially corrupted – being able to do something (like cast zombie) doesn’t mean you should. 🙂 Of course, nothing prevents a cleric being evil and using evil spells – save for being hunted by other cults and losing Glory. 🙂

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    Thanks for the quick response! There is a fanatic (delusional?) cleric of Maera in our party who thinks Maera intends for no magic to be taboo, and that its her duty to make use of whatever magic is at her disposal.

    This response helps give guidance about NPC responses to the shenanigans.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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