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Boost/Lower Trait

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    When using Boost Trait (as opposed to Lower Trait), do the uses stack? Per the SW Deluxe:

    “The power can also be used to lower an opponent’s Trait.
    This is an opposed roll against the victim’s Spirit. Success
    lowers any Trait of the caster’s choice one step, a raise lowers
    it two steps. A Trait cannot be lowered below a d4. Multiple
    castings stack, though the caster must keep track of when
    each casting expires as usual.”

    Does stacking Boost/Lower Trait only work when using it to lower an opponent’s trait or does it always stack? If it stacks when Boosting as well, is there any limit to the amount a trait can be Boosted?




    Nothing changes to the SW core version except the Duration. That becomes Maintained obviously.

    According to the Sw core rules both Boost and Lower stack:

    The same applies in Hellfrost.

    Theoretically there is no limit for Boost, except for the number of maintained spells of the spellcaster. You can be Boosted (and Lowered) by different mages at the same time though.

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    Thanks Enno



    You’re welcome

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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