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Benefits of playing video games, very few people know !!

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    Hello everyone, I am the developer of the Jack-GamesBX game, today I want to tell you that playing games with free time is great. If you have comments, you can comment below my article. Thank you!!
    With the continuous development of technology, people are increasingly able to access games, especially mobile games. Playing games is not only entertaining but also has many benefits. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of the game that you may not have heard of.
    1. Faster reflexes

    Numerous studies have shown that playing games, especially first-person shooters, with lots of levels and challenges will improve reflexes. The need to always use thought to make quick and accurate decisions in a game will gradually produce extremely good reflexes. Besides, it also helps hand-eye coordination more flexible.
    Quick reflexes will help us get better acquainted with most real-world sports. The ability to guess and handle unexpected situations becomes easy.

    2. Improve your thinking to help capture new ideas
    As we all know, video games have an increasing difficulty over time. Increasingly, challenges will require gamers to use their minds to come up with ideas, plan logical strategies to overcome challenges. In practical work, the right skills of thinking and strategic planning are the keys to success.

    3. Playing games will help the brain grow bigger – Smarter
    It sounds ridiculous, but the German team has done a fieldwork. Playing Mario games for 30 minutes daily will help develop gray matter in some brain areas.

    4. Improve teamwork ability

    Most of the games currently on the market, there is a multiplayer (multiplayer) mode. In addition to the meaning of helping us have moments of entertainment, refreshing with friends, many players also value the interaction and coordination between players. From there, make your teamwork better every day.
    The harder the game screen, the higher the requirements, just an inadvertent moment can lead to the game ending. Therefore, cooperating well with other players will help you reduce the pressure somewhat compared to playing alone.

    5. Play games to treat some chronic diseases

    Research from the University of Utah (United States) in 2012 has shown that moderate and reasonable gaming will help treat chronic diseases in children such as autism and Parkinson’s. Of course, not all games are “medicine”, only certain games can do this “miracle”.

    Autistic patients have emotional problems, so playing games affects the emotional nerves, creating positive emotions. Since then, it has formed a natural reflex mechanism that helps children with autism improve their behavior and gradually integrate into the community.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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