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    We are starting a new game of Hellfrost and I have a player who has rolled an elementalist with the Rich/Very Rich edges with the intent of becoming an Arkhwisard later in his career.

    He told me that he intends to buy (“over the years” in game time) as many spells as he can afford via the “Tome of Learning”. I feel that this is a loop hole to avoid the Extra Power Edge, basically allowing a player to “buy” an edge for as low as 1,000gs.

    My question is: will his character be too imbalanced (too powerful) if he is gains access to too many spells? Is there any limits (other than a house rule) that I may have missed?

    In games past, mage type characters with large spell repertoires weren’t necessarily that much more powerful, as they were to having more options available (which can be/is usually interpreted as being “more powerful” anyway).


    It’s not a loop, it’s a feature! By this mechanism a GM can introduce certain spells into his game and give the players more power where needed.

    The character doesn’t become too imbalanced, because he is limited by the number of spells he can maintain. You realized yourself, that the number of spells imply just more options not necessarily more power(s).

    With an availability of “S” it’s on the dice, that you as the GM can directly steer the access of these tomes. Even when he lives in Drakeport or another big city, and has more than enough money, these books don’t grow on trees, and sought by more then one collector/elementalist.

    This way you can easily justify that he can get only one or two available tomes per rank which are only remotely interesting to him. As the table tells us only about 60% of the tomes are for Elementalists anyway, and only about 15% are written for his distinct element (which gets higher by learning the Elemental Mastery edge).

    Another point is, that there is always a chance to discover a double he already learned.

    Final points are, that it is an expensive task to create such a tome, and spellcasters usually hide their secrets from the eyes or the uninitiated or competitiors. It is a very challenging task to buy a new copy or persuade a friendly scribe to pen you one. Even then it will take months to write one properly…

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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