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    This question was asked over at Kickstarter so I thought I would post the answer here too:

    Hey…just a quick question about the advanced game-play, when you first start do you place the corresponding cogs on the workshop that are represented on the League cards? For example: The Lunar Exploration Society has electrics of 2, mechanics of 3 and chemistry of 1 so does the workshop card start out with cogs on the 2,3, and 1 spaces?

    Simple answer is NO!

    When you start the game your workshop has zero points in any of the Science Disciplines. The disciplines shown on the League cards are that leagues Skill level in that that discipline. When you roll the dice to see if you have made a scientific breakthrough you must compare the dice result to the skill level on the league card – if its equal to or lower you gain an extra point in any science discipline you succeeded in.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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