New Games For UK Games Expo – King of Thieves!

Triple Ace Games will be exhibiting at UK Games Expo 2015 at the end of May and this year we will be taking some brand new games!

We are proud to announce a fantastic new card game called King of Thieves!

There Is No Honour Among Thieves!

Welcome to King of Thieves, a non-collectible bluffing card game of tomb robbing in which competing thieves gamble their reputation to steal treasure from heavily guarded tombs!

Evading Traps & Creatures that protect treasure laden tombs is just the first hurdle in securing your title! You must also vanquish your fellow thieves by defeating them at a series of duels. With the use of swords, shields, keys or the magic of the lamp you must defeat all to become King of Thieves!

king of thieves leaflet

TAG fans may already recognize the feel of the artwork as Land of Fire. Indeed this is the background to King of Thieves! However it is not important for a player to understand or to have read Land of Fire and King of Thieves is an independent game that anyone can play and enjoy. Designed by Robin Elliott from a concept by Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wade-WIlliams, King of Thieves is a fun and quick card game in which you must bluff your way to victory!

Initially it will only be available at UK Games Expo and we have some pre-release copies on sale. We have a very limited supply so make sure you arrive at our stand early to avoid disappointment!

More news on further new products for UK Games Expo to follow!

Posted on May 12, 2015 in Company News

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