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Globetrotters’ Guide to London FUNDED!
Monday 24th August 2015

WE ARE FUNDED! Thanks to our backers the Globetrotters’ Guide to London is funded! Not only do backers get the London book in print and/or PDF, but also a 99-page… more »

Globetrotters’ Guide to London Kickstarter is LIVE
Monday 24th August 2015

When the recent Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter ended, we received several comments saying it was a shame that the Globetrotters’ Guide to London stretch goal wasn’t unlocked. One thing… more »

Leagues of Gothic Horror Stretch Goal #2 UNLOCKED!
Wednesday 22nd July 2015

We’ve officially unlocked the graphic for stretch goal #2 – Guide to Black Magic. We’re still wobbling close to its funding level, and without your support there is a chance… more »

Leagues of Gothic Horror Stretch Goal Previews
Wednesday 15th July 2015

Hi folks, We’ve got two previews for you today. The first is the already-unlocked Guide to Apparitions and the second the almost-unlocked Guide to Black Magic. Please note the art… more »

Leagues of Gothic Horror update
Wednesday 1st July 2015

Thanks to your generous support we have reached our base funding goal in three hours! Still plenty of time to get involved in the Kickstarter.

Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter is live!
Tuesday 30th June 2015

Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the launch of its latest Kickstarter – Leagues of Gothic Horror. This 160-page sourcebook of Ubiquity-powered Gothic Horror, while designed for Leagues of… more »

Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter preview
Sunday 28th June 2015

My lords, ladies, and gentlemen, the Kickstarter page for Leagues of Gothic Horror is now available to preview.

Leagues of Gothic Horror news
Friday 26th June 2015

The video is uploaded and we’re getting the inner circle to do a final check. All being well, we’ll be able to preview the site in the next day or… more »

Leagues of Gothic Horror interview
Sunday 14th June 2015

Runeslinger Castingshadows has braved the writing pit at TAG Tower and interviewed Wiggy about the forthcoming Leagues of Gothic Horror supplement. “As the clever among you will have been able… more »

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