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Matters of Faith Web Update
Thursday 6th August 2015

Now that the Collector’s Editions have been sent to backers and the Standard version is on general sale, we’re releasing a 16-page FREE update. Inside you’ll find 10 new minor… more »

Hellfrost Matters of Faith
Monday 27th July 2015

Whether they pay lip service to many gods, attend infrequent ceremonies, have chosen a patron deity, have devoted their life without holy vows, or have taken vows as a member of the clergy, all… more »

Matters of Faith Complete!
Wednesday 17th June 2015

We’ve finished putting the book together and we’ve sent the files to the printers. It will take around a week to get a hardback and softback to us for approval…. more »

Introducing Hellfrost Battle Discs!
Wednesday 27th May 2015

More new Products for UK GAMES EXPO – Introducing Hellfrost Battle Discs! With our new card games we will of course have a well stocked booth with all your favourite… more »

Get Some Arcane Knowledge!
Monday 20th April 2015

Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the latest release for Hellfrost! Arcane Lore is a guide book which expands the information on all things magical in Rassilon. PUT SOME… more »

Hellfrost Legendary Endeavors – OUT NOW!
Wednesday 18th March 2015

LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER! Triple Ace Games is proud to announce its latest release for Hellfrost! Whether your hero is a mighty warrior, devout cleric, cunning mage, wise scholar, or cunning… more »

Matters of Faith Collectors Edition EXPANDED
Thursday 26th February 2015

Support for Matters of Faith has been astounding and we want to thank you in the best way we can – with extra setting material. In our previous update we… more »

Hellfrost Social Customs
Monday 9th February 2015

We’ve put together a FREE document looking at some of the major social customs in Hellfrost. Go grab yourself a copy!

Matters of Faith cover sketch
Sunday 25th January 2015

While we’re busily putting the Matters of Faith Kickstarter together, our brilliant artist is hard at work on the cover image. To whet your appetites, here is the preliminary sketch…. more »

Hellfrost Heroes & Villains – OUT NOW!
Friday 9th January 2015

Triple Ace Games is proud to announce it latest release for Hellfrost. The ever popular fantasy setting for Savage Worlds! In this latest release you’ll be able to call on… more »

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