Hellfrost: Land of Fire News Archive
Realm Guide #8: The Empty Zone released
Monday 10th February 2014

West of the Southern Trade Road lies the Empty Zone, so named because there are no oases and no permanent settlements. A desolate, arid wasteland of sand and ruins, it… more »

Tales from the Sands – Kickstarter Launched!
Tuesday 4th February 2014

Tales from the Sands Kickstarter NOW LIVE! Tales from the Sands is a fantastic adventure compendium book packed full of gaming delight for the Hellfrost Land of Fire setting by… more »

Hellfrost Land of Fire Genie Dice OUT NOW!
Thursday 30th January 2014

We have just released the Land of Fire Genie dice for general sale! These were only previously available through the Land of Fire Kickstarter – but we are now happy… more »

Realm Guide #7 released
Wednesday 29th January 2014

A glittering white depression, the Sand Basin is a vast and arid realm, where water is more precious than gold. It is a realm of deadly monsters and desperate slaves,… more »

Realm Guide #6 released
Monday 20th January 2014

The Heart of Fire is a land of intense heat and choking ash, a land inhabited only by ferocious fire giants and convict miners. There is more to this desolate… more »

Realm Guide #5 released
Sunday 15th December 2013

Weigh the anchor, hoist the sails, and prepare to follow in the footsteps of Sinbad, the greatest mariner of all time, as we get to grips with nautical travel and… more »

Realm Guide #4: The Great Southern Desert
Tuesday 10th December 2013

Exploration of the burning sands continues with the Great Southern Desert, a realm home to many vicious orc tribes and the location of unexplored ruins. Available to download today!

Realm Guide #3: The Great Northern Desert
Tuesday 26th November 2013

  The latest Realm Guide explores the vastness of the Great Northern Desert, a realm that has been the cradle and grave of many civilizations. Available to download today!

Realm Guide #2: The Jinn Lands released
Monday 11th November 2013

 Many walk the heart of a once great empire, but only the bravest dare to the  explore the ancient, magic-infused ruins built and inhabited by the jinn. Herein lies great… more »

Realm Guide #1: Hekata released
Tuesday 29th October 2013

  Hekata. For a thousand years the homeland of the withered pharaohs and liche-wizirs has been cursed and feared in equal measure. With Halloween approaching, it’s time to explore the… more »

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