All for One Régime Diabolique News Archive
Ubiquity Dice are coming!
Wednesday 7th December 2016

In early Jan 2017 we’ll be launching our latest kickstarter and its for a whole bunch of Ubiquity dice! There will be four exciting designs each for our fabulous Ubiquity… more »

Ubiquity Bundle of Holding
Tuesday 8th December 2015

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with the excellent people at Exile Games and Greymalkin Designs to bring you a Ubiquity Bundle of Holding! For just $11.95 you get three… more »

All for One goes virtual
Wednesday 8th April 2015

Our friends at Smiteworks have just released the Savage Worlds version of All For One: Regime Diabolique, TAG’s swashbuckling-horror setting, for Fantasy Grounds! You can buy it from their store… more »

All For One – 50% Sale – NOW ON!
Thursday 15th January 2015

We are all feeling in a swashbuckling mood with start of the new BBC series the Musketeers on television! So to celebrate this adventurous mood we have started a massive… more »

All for One freebie adventure
Monday 28th April 2014

Murder most foul has been committed and it’s up to the Musketeers to get to the bottom of things! Alex Zalud has submitted an adventure for All for One: Regime… more »

All for One Freebie!
Tuesday 28th January 2014

As if there wasn’t enough All for One: Regime Diabolique magic in the air right now, we’ve added a new freebie, The Justicars, a magical secret society designed and written up… more »

Adventure is back with The Musketeers!
Friday 17th January 2014

We want to celebrate the latest incarnation of the classic musketeer stories by Alexandre Dumas which is debuting on British TV this Sunday. The Musketeers is a fresh new take… more »

All for One Freebie
Tuesday 27th August 2013

Alexander Zalud has been busy again. This time he’s created a two-page All for One character sheet approved by M. de Tréville. Download it here.

New All for One Freebie
Wednesday 24th July 2013

Alexander Zalus, a long-time fan, has devised a new, and very cinematic, way of staging fights in All for One. We liked his idea so much we’ve made it an official TAG… more »

All For One comes to Savage Worlds!
Tuesday 28th August 2012

All For One Regime Diabolique – Savage Worlds Edition EN GARDE! FIGHT FOUL BEASTS OF THE NIGHT! The year is 1636 and France is a troubled nation. A great and… more »

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