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Necropolis 2350Lazarite Secrets Revealed

Wiggy has put together a 10 page supplement on the Lazarites, and it’s FREE to download! Grab your gun, say your prayers, and go fight the good fight!

Necropolis 2350Necropolis 2350 Adventure Compendium

We’ve brought all seven Necropolis 2350 adventures together in one handy volume – its at the printers now so why not get the pre-order in today! Also this week as… more »

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  • Necropolis 2350 – 2351-55 UpdateOn Sale

    Hell Just Got Worse! The 2351-55 Update is an expansion for the Necropolis 2350 setting and expands the Necropolis timeline beyond the core book. Designed for both players and War… more »

  • Necropolis 2350 Adventure Compendium

    Battle all the horrors of Hell in this fantastic series of seven adventures for Necropolis 2350! The Necropolis 2350 Adventure Compendium contains a set of adventures for the sci-fi horror… more »

Necropolis Core Books

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