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Leagues of AdventureRead all About It! Wiggy Interviewed by VAE!

The Victorian Adventure Enthusiast recently interviewed Wiggy about Leagues of Adventure. You can read the transcript here.

Leagues of AdventureGentlemen’s Reference Sheets

Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the latest iteration of Mr Nestor Rodriguez’s most wondrous Gentlemen’s Reference Sheets. Drawing information from across all Leagues of Adventure material published so far, this… more »

Leagues of AdventureYet More Miscellanea

The Leagues continue their work! The Globetrotters’ Guide to Miscellanea FREE web update has now been expanded to 13 pages. New material includes a new League, more warships, notes on… more »

Leagues of AdventureMore Miscellanea

Due to the sterling efforts of the Leagues, the Globetrotters’ Guide to Miscellanea FREE web update has been expandd to 7 pages with the addition of new weird science gadgets… more »

Leagues of AdventureFREE Globetrotters’ Guide to Miscellanea update

My lords, ladies, gentlemen, henchmen, and other assorted globetrotters! If you would be so kind as to head to the Leagues of Adventure download section in an orderly manner, you will… more »

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  • Leagues of Adventure: Weird Science CompendiumTAG20202 thumb

    From steam powered butlers to rocket propelled cars an amazing array of weird science is available to your Globetrotter! Welcome to Professor Pennyworth’s Weird Science Emporium. Within these pages you’ll… more »

  • Globetrotters’ Guide to MiscellaneaTAG202117_thumb

    Welcome, globetrotters, to the Leagues’ largest and most diverse guide to Victorian adventure and ingenuity! Drawn from the best minds from across the Leagues, this supplement contains new Talents, Leagues,… more »

Leagues of Adventure Rulebook