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Leagues of AdventureGuide to Apparitions released

Halloween continues to come early as the Leagues of Gothic Horror Guide to Apparitions PDF is released! Add a touch of horror to your Easter celebrations. Available to purchase now!

Leagues of AdventureGothic Horror

Halloween may be over, but Christmas is a traditional time for telling ghost stories. To get your festive season off to a spooky start, here are the preview covers of… more »

Leagues of AdventureMummies Unlocked

Thanks to the generosity of our backers, the Guide to Mummies stretch goal is now unlocked! Still time for people to jump on the bandwagon and help push us toward… more »

Leagues of AdventureGlobetrotters’ Guide to London FUNDED!

WE ARE FUNDED! Thanks to our backers the Globetrotters’ Guide to London is funded! Not only do backers get the London book in print and/or PDF, but also a 99-page… more »

Leagues of AdventureGlobetrotters’ Guide to London Kickstarter is LIVE

When the recent Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter ended, we received several comments saying it was a shame that the Globetrotters’ Guide to London stretch goal wasn’t unlocked. One thing… more »

Latest Products
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  • Guide to MummiesMummies-1

    Death awaits on swift wings for those who disturb the dead, for death is just the beginning of a new life! Relentless and remorseless, living mummies are a staple of the Gothic Horror and… more »

  • Guide to Black MagicTAG20207 Cover

    Step out of the light and into the shadows, into a realm where the powers of darkness hold sway! Practitioners of the dark arts have plagued mankind for millennia. Hiding in the shadows, they… more »

Leagues of Adventure Rulebook

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