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All For One: Régime DiaboliqueSavage Worlds All for One: Regime Diabolique 2nd Edition

The first edition of All for One for Savage Worlds proved a huge hit, selling through its two print runs in a matter of weeks. It’s been out of print… more »

All For One: Régime DiaboliqueAll for One: Satan’s Playground

The Kickstarter is live! War is hell, and the Thirty Years’ War was worse than most. Germany (and neighboring lands) was ripped apart by the war. The fighting between armies was… more »

All For One: Régime DiaboliqueUbiquity Dice are coming!

In early Jan 2017 we’ll be launching our latest kickstarter and its for a whole bunch of Ubiquity dice! There will be four exciting designs each for our fabulous Ubiquity… more »

All For One: Régime DiaboliqueUbiquity Bundle of Holding

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with the excellent people at Exile Games and Greymalkin Designs to bring you a Ubiquity Bundle of Holding! For just $11.95 you get three… more »

All For One: Régime DiaboliqueAll for One goes virtual

Our friends at Smiteworks have just released the Savage Worlds version of All For One: Regime Diabolique, TAG’s swashbuckling-horror setting, for Fantasy Grounds! You can buy it from their store… more »

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All For One: Régime Diabolique Rulebook

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