All for One: Satan’s Playground

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War is hell, and the Thirty Years’ War was worse than most. Germany (and neighboring lands) was ripped apart by the war. The fighting between armies was bad enough, but decades of conflict brought with it widespread famine and disease, economic strife, witch hunts, and marauding armies looking for food and loot in equal measure. In Satan’s Playground, the war is made worse by the machinations of two demon lords fighting to earn the favor of Satan and become infernal ambassador to the Holy Roman Empire.

Marauding armies, cruel mercenaries, Satanic cults, starving peasants who will sink their teeth into anything edible, and twisted fiends from hell are not the only dangers heroes will face – in Satan’s Playground, starvation and pestilence play a major role.

As with All for One: Regime DiaboliqueSatan’s Playground is set in an alternate history in which the supernatural is very real to the inhabitants and historical events have been tweaked to suit the needs of the setting.

Posted on August 28, 2017 in All For One: Régime Diabolique

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