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Triple Ace Games is a collection of like minded folk striving to bring the best in games. The core team is Robin Elliott and Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams. With many years of experience in the hobbygames industry, together with a hoard of helpers and supporters we continue to create fantastic games for everyone.

For general information or customer service issues please email or you can contact us directly – see below.

Triple Ace Games Partners
Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams
Creative Director
Wiggy is the Creative Director of Triple Ace Games and brings with him over 30 years of roleplaying experience. He’s been a published author since 1998 and has written for Atlas Games, Eden Studios, Britannia Games Design, Kenzer & Co., Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and Green Ronin. When Wiggy isn’t working he’s usually plotting something he can write up later. He’s married and lives in the wild north of the UK, in the land of little ponies and constant wind.
Robin Elliott
Production Director
With over ten years experience in graphic design and book publishing, Robin brings his knowledge of colour printing and production to Triple Ace Games as Production Director. His published design work for Pinnacle Entertainment Group include Rippers: Horror Roleplaying, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Slipstream, The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane and Sundered Skies and was instrumental in developing the current Savage Worlds logo using Cheyenne Wright’s fab symbols. He currently resides amidst the green rolling hills of South West England.
UK Support & Helpers
Dave McAlister
Website Administrator
Dave, who has been roleplaying for over 30 years, is a formidable games master and has done an amazing job at helping us at all sorts of UK conventions. He is also the mastermind behind the brand new website. He has been published, once, but aims to add to that in the future. During what seemed like a long military career Dave travelled the world but now lives in the City of the Imp with his wife, son (who’s not the Imp in question), two cats and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Dave Blewer
Dave is a freelance writer with nearly 30 years of role-playing experience and creator of Sundered Skies. He has been a published author since 2000 and has written for Atlas Games, Arcdream Publishing, Oriflam, and Pinnacle Entertainment. Dave lives in on the edge of a dank marsh in the East of England. His three kids are a constant source of wonder and horror.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Kevin has spent far too many years in the IT industry with the last 10 or so developing web sites and web based applications and has in the past helped us with our website operations. He is a regular demo game runner and is often at our UK conventions. Kevin has also roleplayed for over 25 years and is the primary author of Wonderland No More. He lives in the back end of Essex with his wife and 4 (!) children.
Stephen Renwick
A teacher in a small Shetland school, Stephen started wargaming when he was quite young and built his first terrain piece out of Lego – a castle with sliding doors and firing catapults. Nothing much has changed… Stephen is available through our forums as our very own expert on terrain building!
Simon Scott
Simon is a regular Savage Worlds player and has helped playtest many games including Sundered Skies. He also is an excellent assistant and can be found often behind a tall pile of books at our trade stand!
US Support & Helpers
Wayne & Michelle Grelle
Wayne and his wife Michelle were the first friendly faces Wiggy and Rob saw when they arrived in Indianapolis for their first GenCon experience and quickly became firm friends! Wayne was quickly promoted from Minion status to full Henchman when it quickly became apparent to Rob and Wiggy they had someone who they could trust and rely on to aid them in their Gen Con mission!
Stephen Reuille
Junior Henchman
Taking a little longer to be promoted to Henchman status but nevertheless a staunch ally for the cause Stephan is a fantastic recruit for TAG’s USA GenCon mission – we thank him for his tireless pursuit of demo perfection!

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