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About Us

Triple Ace Games is a collection of like minded folk striving to bring the best in games. The core team is Robin Elliott and Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams. With many years of experience in the hobbygames industry, together with a hoard of helpers and supporters we continue to create fantastic games for everyone.

Since the company was founded in 2008, TAG has produced numerous RPG settings and game cards, including Hellfrost, Sundered Skies, Necropolis 2350, Daring Tales, Wonderland No More, Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Gothic Horror, Leagues of Cthulhu, All for One: Regime Diabolique, Cadaver, Halfling Feast, Rocket Race, and Imps.

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Triple Ace Games Partners

Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams
Director of Roleplaying Games
Wiggy is the Creative Director of Triple Ace Games and brings with him over 30 years of roleplaying experience. He’s been a published author since 1998 and has written for Atlas Games, Eden Studios, Britannia Games Design, Kenzer & Co., Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Cubicle 7, and Green Ronin. He is the mad genius behind Hellfrost, the Leagues settings, and many others. When Wiggy isn’t working he’s usually plotting something he can write up later. He’s married and lives in the wild north of the UK, in the land of little ponies and constant wind.

Robin Elliott
Director of Tabletop Division

With over 20 years experience in graphic design and book publishing, Robin has extensive knowledge of colour printing and production. His published design work for Pinnacle Entertainment Group include Rippers: Horror Roleplaying, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Slipstream, The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane and Sundered Skies, and was instrumental in developing the current Savage Worlds logo using Cheyenne Wright’s fab symbols. He currently resides amidst the green rolling hills of South West England, where he designs card and boardgames including Rocket Race, Halfling Feast and the upcoming Genie Express: 1001 Deliveries with Wiggy.

Line Editors & Helpers

Hans Bothe
Hellfrost Line Editor
Hans spent roughly 20 years as an IT specialist in the heart of Swabia in southwest of Germany. He is the scholar of our Hellfrost forums, and supported us with editing and proofreading many products of those lines. Hans is a veteran roleplayer with almost 40 years of experience, and plays as often as his schedule permits, which is less than he prefers in recent years. He lives at the birthplace of Einstein, reading obscure texts on the web and the local libraries, always with RPGs on his mind.

Anthony Boyd
Ubiquity Line Editor
Anthony has had diverse careers in Human Resource Management and Professional Training both in his native Canada and abroad. A student of martial art and teacher of language, he travelled to Asia for the waters. His neighbors like to think he stays because he killed a man, but the truth is that he hates to pack. An inveterate library-builder and roleplayer with more than 30 years in the hobby, Anthony always seems to find himself surrounded by stacks of roleplaying games. He resides in Korea with his amazing wife and six dogs where he edits a lot, teaches the right amount, and writes a little.

Shane McLean
Demo Guy
Shane is a regular demonstrator of TAG games at conventions, and can also be found picking apart games under playtest. When not in his day job as an Army Officer he enjoys all things family, all things gaming (especially RPGs), and keeping active. Over the years he has written or contributed to a few RPG products, but much prefers playing games to writing them. Shane is (in)famous across a number of countries for his terrible dad-jokes. He’s still not sure what he wants to do when he grows up.

Kedric Winks
Demo Guy & Game Designer
A parlour game inventor from Bedfordshire. Kedric Winks is the fiend behind such Ghastly titles as Cadaver and Ghost Hunter. He loves all things tabletop and all things weird, gothic and macabre. Amazingly Kedric comes from a proud line of games designers, his great uncle Horrace having invented TiddlyWinks in the 1800’s. Kedric is now busy embarking on his own parlour game adventure whilst raising a brood of winklets and aiming to become an international anthropologist.

US Support & Helpers

Wayne & Michelle Grelle
Wayne and his wife Michelle were the first friendly faces Wiggy and Rob saw when they arrived in Indianapolis for their first GenCon experience, and quickly became firm friends! Wayne was quickly promoted from Minion status to full Henchman when it quickly became apparent to Rob and Wiggy they had someone who they could trust and rely on to aid them in their GenCon mission!

Stephen Reuille
Junior Henchman
Taking a little longer to be promoted to Henchman status, but nevertheless a staunch ally for the cause, Stephen is a fantastic recruit for TAG’s USA GenCon mission – we thank him for his tireless pursuit of demo perfection!

Special Thanks

TAG would like to thank the following people for their support over the years: Dave Blewer, Kevin Anderson, Dave McAlister, Simon Scott, and Dave Styles.

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